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We take your style personally because style is personal. It’s our one job to make you look good.

What you wear says something about who you are. It’s how you present yourself and walk into any room. You’re sending a clear visual message. But even more important than the perception of others, it can change the way you view YOURSELF. In fact, it’s proven that wearing certain clothing can actually increase our brain’s dopamine.


We'll show you how to style pieces you already own, what’s missing from your current wardrobe and give you the knowledge of how to dress for your own style. And by enlisting the expertise of one of our personal stylists, you’ll take back the time you used to spend scrolling aimlessly online, stress shopping and rifling through outfits in the morning.  

Our stylists are fashion-forward brand & retail experts dedicated to transforming how you leverage your wardrobe.

Now you’ll have both your time back and the look to confidently show up exactly how you imagine.  

Starting at $2495

A multi-step process designed to truly transform your wardrobe. We work together on a defined style aesthetic via mood board followed by an extensive analysis of your closet. From there, we create a clear shopping plan which is sent to you digitally to review and purchase. Once your pieces arrive, we style everything with your existing wardrobe. You’re left with a digital closet curated for you with specific outfit formulas and looks as a foundation of your new style.  

When you have a big occasion approaching and feel stuck or overwhelmed with creating the perfect looks, this is for you. Hop on a 30 min call with a stylist from our team - we discuss your goals, your exisiting wardrobe and then curate a shoppable board with links to new pieces to buy directly. This mini session is tailored to exactly what you need and perfect for everything from photoshoots, travel packing, weddings and more. 

This is the perfect combo of a reset & refresh. There is always an opportunity to incorporate new pieces into your current wardrobe but often times we keeping adding until our closets are exploding. Our personal stylists start with a consult, edit your closet top to bottom (in-person or virtually) & then discuss what pieces are missing in your closet for its fullest potential. A shoppable board is shared with links to 5-10 pieces to get you started on more intentional shopping & dressing. 

Starting at $395

Starting at $1295