The Founder &
Creative Director,
Amanda Vargus

Creative Director

Wave + Woven was created to make the process of personal style approachable, accessible, and fun through in-home shopping and styling services.  

Amanda Vargus

Wave + Woven was created to make the process of personal style approachable, accessible and fun! We bring in-home shopping and styling to your door and your inbox.  

Amanda’s love for fashion has lasted her whole life, growing up reading the pages of VOGUE and dreaming of working in the industry. She worked on the corporate side of advertising & media before joining The RealReal, the largest luxury consignment e-commerce company in the US.  As Luxury Manager, she gained a deep knowledge of designers, brands, retailers, and excelled in closet editing for more than 1500 clients. With a background in fashion and business, Amanda understands the importance of a strong personal brand expressed through style and how this can impact success both personally and professionally.  And now, she’s founded Wave + Woven to deliver exceptional concierge personal styling experiences and a 360 approach to shopping and getting dressed.

Amanda’s styling expertise, editorial work and trend forecasting can be found in USA Today, GLAM Weekly, and Marika Magazine. She also writes a quarterly style column for a local Boston-based magazine. She specializes in wardrobe curation for men and women executives and entrepreneurs, as well as high-level interior styling.  Her knowledge, attention to detail and fashion-forward vision has made Amanda a highly sought after and recognized talent in Boston and beyond.

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Riley Jordan

Riley spent her college years out west but her roots remain in Boston - the city where she thrives creating and consulting. Some of her wardrobe must-haves include a pointy toe heel, structured blazer, wool coat, statement earrings, and belts. She encourages clients to add accessories for a more defining look and find ones for your collection that inspire you. Riley specializes in closet editing, special occasion looks and building digital wardrobes for Wave + Woven clients.


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Do you work with people virtually or outside of Boston?

Yes, we do! While we prefer to see clients face-to-face, we can style virtually. We set up a video call to review a client’s closet or space. The room should have good lighting, and clients should be ready to discuss specific needs to use the time efficiently.

Do I need to go through the process of a closet or room edit before getting a style board?

The short answer is no. We offer event styling, travel planning and photoshoot consultations in which case we don’t have to get a full grasp on your existing pieces. We typically recommend for our edit and shop/style services that we take a look at what you own, which leads us to shopping strategically for you based on what is needed and fits into a foundational & functional wardrobe. 

Once I go through a closet or room edit, what do I do with the items I no longer want?

I am a big believer in resale! Everything depends on the brands you have as to where is best to bring them. I often bring items to goodwill for donation and use local consignment and The RealReal for consignment of items. Facebook marketplace is great for getting rid of furniture and home items as well!

Do you work with men?

OF COURSE! In fact we love working with men. We take the guesswork out of looking good by shopping and saving you time. We work with several custom clothing vendors for men that are looking for higher end options for dressing. 

What is the typical budget needed to restyle a room?

There is no “typical” budget and I tell our clients, money doesn't buy good style. But if you are really looking to change your space with paint, wallpaper, replacing all furniture etc. I typically advise ~$10K+ is probably where you need to be.

How does color analysis work?

Our color analysis process was developed by an executive at the Pantone Color Institute. It uses a method of looking at your skin tone, eye and hair color along with your personality traits & personal preferences to develop a core set of colors that will flatter you. Different colors evoke different emotions, so when to use them in various situations is also discussed.

How do I develop my own original style?

I think it takes some time and also evolves over time. I often advise my clients to think about someone in their life or even a public figure whose style they admire. I really try to work with clients to understand why they admire it, is it the way she looks so effortless? Or that she dresses minimalistic so it never feels fussy? Same thing with interiors, what speaks to you, and why. Everyone is so different with individual tastes, but that is what makes us all unique 

Do you shop in person with clients or is everything done online?

Given the options online these days vs. going into the stores, I believe the most efficient way is online through a shoppable board. You can try on in the comfort of your home during our style session, so you’re able to see how it fits into your wardrobe (or doesn’t). For some clients, they need to shop in person and in those cases, I usually block a 1/2 day to meet on site and have items pulled for try on in advance. 

Is there an option to have ongoing styling help?

Yes! We are excited to launch the details of our ongoing membership with seasonal shopping/styling sessions, quarterly check ins and our newsletter. We also offer the highest level of service with returns, resale help etc. Feel free to set up a consult to discuss the application process.